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Hi there – Andy Rogers here,

Thanks for checking out ‘A Perfect Stone’! – I’m going to have a go at explaining what we’re about!

We’re a band that make ‘Ethno-Celt’ flavoured music.

What on earth is that I hear you ask?

It’s music with an eclectic fusion of various indigenous, Celtic and contemporary sounds. Most of us are from Ireland or Scotland hence the tinge of Celtic influence and energy.

Our line up varies depending on gig or session but commonly includes: Djembe, Bodhran, Cello, Violin, Guitars and Vocals. It’s not uncommon to also hear Didgeridoo, Keyboards and lots of percussion stuff that shakes, rattles, tinkles, scratches and more.

‘A Perfect Stone’ is a pool of talented musicians who are passionate about the music they have been gifted with. Some are full-time professionals some are ‘musos’ with day jobs, but the important thing is where we want to take you with our music.

There is a place where the soul finds peace and allows us to listen through the noise of everyday life and for some reason or other music helps us get there. Yeah, yeah I know that all sounds a bit woolly but, think about it, we’ve all had times when we hear just a few notes from a remembered song and we’re instantly transported back to the time and place when it held significant meaning for us.

Well that’s the kind of experience we’re looking to lead you to – something a bit more than just notesplayed and words sung.

An eclectic mix of ethnic/acoustic and contemporary sounds the music works really well with a wide range of multi-generational audiences.

A typical set might include covers by The Waterboys, Crowded House, Sting, Kevin Prosch & Delirious as well as some of our own material all with the Ethno-Celt flavour.

Here’s a bit of propaganda about me:

I’m a singer/songwriter with recordings on the EMI/Kingsway record label and an artist on their original ‘New Celts’ album (along with Robin Mark, Brian Houston & Joanne Hogg). It’s also the same label that has recorded some of the spiritual material for the likes of Moya Brennan and others.
Want to book us for a gig or event?

The following information would be very helpful.

1. The nature of the event (ie a festival, club or special event).
2. Date and time of the event.
3. Estimated number you expect in attendance.
4. Do you need me to supply PA & sound gear?

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Andy Rogers & A Perfect Stone


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